Chapter 13

Developing Products That Customers Want

In This Chapter

arrow Ranking customers’ top tasks

arrow Matching company needs to customers’ needs

arrow Discovering opportunities to delight customers

If you build it, they will come. At least you hope so! Understanding what customers want and what they will purchase is one of the holy grails of product development and is rife with analytics to help improve the process. Your product must meet customer needs (or perceived needs) better than your competition’s and at a comparable or better price.

One of the most effective ways to produce products and experiences that customers want is to first understand what customers want to accomplish. For software products, that can be tasks such as accurately filing taxes, creating professional looking movies from raw clips, or organizing and sharing photos. For physical products, this can be tasks such as recording a show to a DVR, drilling a hole in concrete, or painting a room faster. For websites, customers are usually looking to answer questions or to accomplish tasks like purchasing a product or paying a bill online.

Some of the most innovative products don’t come from what customers are asking for, ...

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