Chapter 12

Building Customer Experience Knowledge in the Broader Workforce

In This Chapter

arrow Sizing up your team

arrow Taking care of your customers’ basic needs

arrow Helping employees understand their individual roles

arrow Insuring employees get the same customer experience as customers

arrow Showing employees what’s in it for them

Coauthor Roy relates the following story: One summer, I found myself prepping for a training session for 30 employees of a gas and electric company. It was a good-sized company — it boasted a market capitalization of around $8 billion and catered to roughly 1.5 million customers, spread over a couple states.

These weren’t just any employees. They were linemen. It’s no stretch to say that linemen are the unsung heroes of our digital lives. These are the people who, during and after every storm, make sure the electricity stays on — and work tirelessly to restore it when it doesn’t.

Where I live, in Florida, we have a special spot in our hearts for linemen. In 2006, Florida was ...

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