8. Monitoring Your Successes and Failures

The biggest question I get—whether it be from multimillion-dollar clients or a small mom-and-pop store with two employees—is this:

“How do I find the time to do all this ‘social media’ stuff?”

It’s a tough question, with multiple answers. The initial answer I usually give my clients is this: “If you want to find the time, you will.”

Seems sort of like a cop-out, huh? It’s like saying, “Well, if you want to be a better soccer player, you’ll find the time.” Or, “If you want to learn Sanskrit, you’ll find the time.”

Or my personal favorite, “If you want to lose weight, just eat less and exercise more.”

Sure. Piece of cake.

If it was really that simple in practice, I’d be an 180-pound Ironman triathlete ...

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