Chapter 9

802.11 Security

In this chapter, you will learn about the following:

  • Authentication
    • Open System Authentication
    • Shared Key Authentication
  • WLAN Encryption Methods
    • WEP
    • TKIP
    • CCMP
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Robust Security Networks (RSN)
  • RSN Information Element
  • 802.1X
    • Supplicant
    • Authenticator
    • Authentication Server
  • EAP
    • Strong EAP Protocols
    • EAP-PEAP
  • 4-Way Handshake
  • Group Key Handshake
  • FastBSS Transition (FT)
    • Information Elements
    • FT Initial Mobility Domain Association
    • Over-the-air Fast BSS Transition
    • Over-the-DS Fast BSS Transition
  • 802.11w Protected Management Frames

In this chapter, we will cover 802.11 security, highlighting some of the frame exchanges and changes to frames when security is enabled. The focus of this book is 802.11 analysis ...

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