Assessment Test

1. At which layers of the OSI model does 802.11 technology operate? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Data-Link

B. Network

C. Physical

D. Presentation

E. Transport

2. Which Wi-Fi Alliance certification defines the mechanism for conserving battery life that is critical for handheld devices such as barcode scanners and VoWiFi phones?

A. WPA2-Enterprise

B. WPA2-Personal




3. Which of these frequencies has the longest wavelength?

A. 750 KHz

B. 2.4 GHz

C. 252 GHz

D. 2.4 MHz

4. Which of these terms can best be used to compare the relationship between two radio waves that share the same frequency?

A. Multipath

B. Multiplexing

C. Phase

D. Spread spectrum

5. A bridge transmits at 10 mW. The cable to the antenna produces ...

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