Chapter 5

Physical Layer Access Methods and Spread-Spectrum Technology

The following CWTS exam objectives are covered in this chapter:

  • 3.4 Define and differentiate between the following physical layer wireless technologies
  • 802.11b HR/DSSS
  • 802.11g ERP
  • 802.11a OFDM
  • 802.11n HT
3.5 Define concepts which make up the functionality of RF and spread-spectrum communication
802.11 channels
Co-location of 802.11a/b/g/n systems
Adjacent-channel and co-channel interference
WLAN/WPAN coexistence
CSMA/CA operation
Half duplex communications

It is important to understand how digital data is sent from one device to another. Whether on a wired network or a wireless network, an access method is used to transfer this type of electronic information. Two common ...

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