Chapter 7

Wireless LAN Antennas and Accessories

The following CWTS exam objectives are covered in this chapter:

  • 2.3 Identify the purpose, features, and proper implementation of the following types of antennas
    • Omnidirectional/dipole
    • Semidirectional
    • Highly directional
  • 2.4 Describe the proper locations and methods for installing RF antennas
    • Internal and external (to the AP) antennas
    • Pole/mast mount
    • Ceiling mount
    • Wall mount
  • 3.6 Understand and apply basic RF antenna concepts
    • Passive gain
    • Beamwidth
    • Simple diversity
    • Polarization
  • 3.7 Identify the use of the following WLAN accessories and explain how to select and install them for optimal performance and regulatory domain compliance
    • RF cables
    • RF connectors
    • Lightning arrestors and grounding rods ...

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