Figure 14.1. Hydrangeas in Blue, cyanotype on Revere Platinum, 12″ × 16″ and 9″ × 12″ © Diana Hooper Bloomfield 2018. “Inspired by a friend and fellow artist who made a piece of artwork every day for a solid year, and simply kept going after that, I, too, thought—what a great idea! I can do that! I began on February 3, 2018 with a cyanotype over platinum/palladium image. That first week—only 7 days in—seemed Herculean, but I kept going. Today, July 1, at Print/Day #125, I now feel I have my footing. I’m in a rhythm. Over these last 125 days, I’ve adjusted my way of working. More efficient, less worried about ‘perfection,’ more interested in what ...

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