Access Data

Active partition


HEX editor address panel

Logical Block Address (LBA)


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)


boot process in

endian designation by

file extensions for

file signature information for

file systems of

hard drive removal from

operating systems

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange):

binary and decimal values assigned to


HEX equivalent to

overview of

Bad clusters

Base 2 numbering system. See also Binary system

Binary system:

ASCII equivalents to

binary (HEX) editor

binary tree filing system

bits as building blocks of

b-tree filing system

character codes using (see also ASCII; Hexadecimal characters; Unicode)

decimal equivalents of

electricity and magnetism relationship to

exponents/power of 2 in

fundamentals of

HEX representation of

origins of data in

BIOS (Basic Input Output System)



ASCII coding scheme using

as binary system building blocks

bit-for-bit imaging of evidence

bytes as eight (see also Bytes)

exponential combinations of

HEX system using

as origins of data

Unicode/UCS using

Books, cataloging of

Boot process:

BIOS function in

boot device sequence

booting up

boot loader in

evidence corruption during

file mounting in

HEX editor in

Master Boot Record in

partitions/partition table in

POST function in

setup utility in

signature words in

summary of

Volume Boot Record in

write blocking or protection in

Braille Encoding System


byte offsets

character codes using

cluster ...

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