Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy

Book description

The first complete framework for integrating offline and online marketing!

  • Step-by-step processes for reengineering any brand!

  • Achieving true synergies between online and offline brands

  • Includes interviews with the world's leading Internet branding executives

  • The Internet has changed all the business rules you live by–especially the rules for branding your products, services, and organization. Cyberbranding doesn't merely show you how the rules have changed: it presents a complete framework for branding that works now–and for years to come. Drawing on her extensive experience as a marketing consultant–and on interviews with many of the world's leading Internet branding executives–Deirdre Breakenridge answers these and other crucial questions:

  • How do you move your brand online without compromising the values it already holds in the "real" world?

  • How can you re-engineer an existing brand in the wake of the Internet revolution?

  • How can you create a new brand that leverages the full power of the Web?

  • The Internet. It isn't easy money. It isn't an excuse to forget the fundamentals. But for marketers willing to work hard, and work intelligently, it is the brand-building opportunity of a lifetime.

    In Cyberbranding, Deirdre Breakenridge shows how to use the Internet to build brands–and customer relationships–of remarkable depth and power. Drawing on the Internet's most impressive success stories–and its cautionary tales of disaster–she shows how to:

  • Develop the vision of your online brand

  • Identify your true online audience

  • Persuade your customers by empowering them

  • Personalize without becoming intrusive

  • Make the most of online and offline research

  • Use the much-maligned banner ad as a key branding tool

  • Integrate Internet-based and off-line branding activities

  • Appeal more effectively to today's multi-tasking consumer

  • Draw the repeat traffic you're looking for

  • Create affiliate marketing programs that work

  • With Cyberbranding you can master lessons others spent billions to learn-and build 21st century brands worth billions to own.

    Whether you're a business leader, strategist, marketing professional, or public relations specialist, Cyberbranding gives you an action plan for strengthening your brand online and off–and leveraging it for maximum competitive advantage.

    "Finally, a book that covers all the important aspects of Internet marketing!"

    –Chuck Riegel, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Cybercash

    From the Foreword:

    "...Smart CyberBranding is not about building the next Amazon or Yahoo or eBay... The new phase of the Internet revolution is about how businesses–often derisively referred to as "old economy" companies–take advantage of the new medium to vastly improve their bottom lines. And Breakenridge has done her part to point them in the right direction."

    –Thomas J. DeLoughry, Former Executive Editor, Internet World

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Financial Times Prentice Hall Books
    3. Foreword
    4. What the Marketer Needs to Know
      1. The Power of Branding
        1. A Quick Branding Story—Yahoo!
        2. Another Speedy Brand—
        3. The Historical Brand Promise
        4. Brands That Evolve to Stand the Test of Time
        5. Brands Influence Our Behavior
        6. Brands with No Boundaries
        7. Global Brands and Cultural Issues
        8. Summing Up the Ingredients for the Global Brand
        9. Wall Street Endorses Branding
        10. Brands and Technology Evolve Together
        11. Endnotes
      2. Making the Transition to the Internet
        1. A Transition to Support the Brand
        2. The Ongoing Battle Over Internet Commitment
        3. Growing Statistics Reinforce the Commitment
        4. Devoting Dollars to the Internet
        5. The Internet is a Powerful Piece of the Branding Campaign
        6. Industries Taking the Plunge
        7. Internet Issues Turn Into Internet Opportunities
        8. The Smooth Transition of the Brand
        9. Endnotes
      3. The Impact of the Internet on the Brand
        1. The Components of the Cyberbrand
        2. New Levels to Which Cyberbranding Takes a Brand
        3. More Ways to “Think” Internet in Support of the Brand
        4. Internal and External Dimensions of the Brand
        5. Cyberbranding Theories
        6. The Cyberbrander’s Checklist
        7. Endnotes
      4. The Emergence of the Cyberbrand
        1. Consumer Trust and Cyberbranding Go Hand in Hand
        2. The Differentiating Factors of the Cyberbrand
        3. The Benefits of Having a Well-Known Traditional Brand
        4. Consumers Care About Brands Online
        5. Tricks from the New Kids on the Block
        6. Convergence of the Traditional Brand and the Cyberbrand
        7. Endnotes
      5. Using Technology Properly to Cyberbrand
        1. Cyberbranding Trial and Error of the 1990S
        2. Misconception Number 1: With the Internet, There’s a Worldwide Audience.
        3. Misconception Number 2: Having a 24/7 Web Site Allows a Company to Pay Less Attention to Consumer Needs.
        4. Misconception Number 3: Launching a Site Means Web Surfers Will Find It.
        5. Misconception Number 4: The Web Creates an Equal Opportunity for the Little Guy to Compete with the Giants of the Industry.
        6. Misconception Number 5: Powerful Graphics are the Key to a “Killer” Web Site.
        7. The Simple Cyberlessons Learned
        8. Endnotes
      6. Web Site Design to Enhance the Cyberbrand
        1. A Web Site is not About a Company
        2. Number 1: Ease-of-Use Principle
        3. Number 2: Provide Up-to-date Information
        4. Number 3: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet . . . The Importance of a Fast Download
        5. Number 4: Using Attractive Design Consistent with Company Image and Audience Appeal
        6. Number 5: Providing the Right Content
        7. Cyber Do’s
        8. Endnotes
    5. Impacting Audiences with the Cybervision
      1. Start with the Organization and the Cyberbrand Vision
        1. Vision Beyond the Entrepreneurial Idea
        2. Avoiding the “Rushed” Vision
        3. Developing the Vision Through Offline versus Online Comparison
        4. Call In the Coalition to Guide the Vision
        5. Cyberbrand Visions that Exist Postlaunch
        6. Endnotes
      2. Empowered Online Audiences
        1. The Makings of an Empowered Audience
        2. Offering Additional Information to Build Relationships
        3. Personalization to Build Relationships
        4. Customization to Build Relationships
        5. Building Relationships Through Incentive Programs
        6. Endnotes
      3. Cyberstrategies to Optimize Audience Response
        1. Move beyond the Search Engine
        2. Institute Contagious Viral Marketing Campaigns
        3. Get Serious about E-mail with Opt-In Programs
        4. Be Sensitive to Online Audiences and Privacy Issues
        5. Endnotes
      4. Persuasion in Cyberspace
        1. Powerful Persuasive Tactics
        2. Persuasion in Its Infancy Stage
        3. Beyond the Traditional Endorsement
        4. Technology Intensifies Persuasion
        5. The Fine Line Between Persuasion and Invasion
        6. Varying Levels of Acceptance of Persuasion
        7. Endnotes
    6. Market Research for Effective Cyberbranding
      1. Traditional Research Aids in Cyberspace
        1. The Value of Market Research
        2. Traditional Research and the Cyberbrand
        3. Cyberbrands and Research Beginnings
        4. Transformation of the Traditional Method—Questionnaires
        5. Transformation of the Traditional Method—Focus Groups
        6. Endnotes
      2. Online Research—Leave It Up to the Technology Experts
        1. When to Turn to Online Methods
        2. Tradition and the Internet—The Best of Both Worlds
        3. Benefiting the Brand and the Consumer
        4. Extending Beyond Offline Limits
        5. Research—Finding the Middle Ground
        6. Endnotes
      3. The System of Web Tracking Analysis
        1. The Phases of Surveillance and “The System”
        2. When Too Much Data Leads to Paralysis
        3. How Research Guides the Branding Campaign
        4. Understanding the Tracking Measurements
        5. Issues and Opportunities with Professional Tracking Software
        6. Turning the Tables on the Trackers
        7. Endnotes
      4. Ethics on the Internet
        1. Broadcast Ethics of the Past
        2. Ethical Beginnings on the Internet
        3. Privacy, Fraud, and Other Internet Issues
        4. Industries Developing Ethics
        5. A Cyberbrand’s Road to Ethics
        6. Endnotes
    7. Cybermarketing to Enhance the Brand
      1. Changing Market Landscapes
        1. Five Seconds of Stability and Fifty-Five Seconds of Change
        2. Lessons From the Heavy Hitters
        3. How Cyberbrands are Gaining Customer Share
        4. Standing Apart from the Dot-Com Crowd
        5. Endnotes
      2. Banner Ad Sustenance in Cyberspace
        1. Banner Ad Survival
        2. Banner Ads Serve a Purpose
        3. Banner Ad Basics
        4. Elements of Design
        5. Questions to Ask in Banner Ad Placement
        6. Banner Ad Campaign Results
        7. Endnotes
      3. Affiliate Marketing for the Future
        1. Moving Beyond the Traditional Model
        2. Setting Up a Winning Program
        3. Implementing a Program that Attracts Affiliates
        4. Working with Affiliates to Maximize Results
        5. Jazzing Up Programs for the Future
        6. Endnotes
      4. Driving Traffic on the Cyberhighway
        1. Communicating to Suit the New-Economy Lifestyle
        2. Using More Vehicles for More Reach and Greater Impact
        3. Getting Cyberattention the “Traditional” Way
        4. Moving Out of the Box
        5. Endnotes
    8. Cyber Public Relations—The Credible Online Endorsement
      1. Public Relations—Is There Room for Tradition in Cyberspace?
        1. PR of the Past Updates in the Twenty-First Century
        2. Proven PR Techniques are Still Apparent
        3. From Static to Interactive
        4. Know the Media in Cyberspace
        5. PR Comes Full Circle
        6. Endnotes
      2. PR Cybertools for Cyberspeed
        1. Retiring Outdated PR Resources
        2. Updating PR Tools Cyberstyle
        3. Using Basic Cybertools—Media Guides Move Online
        4. More Cyber Tools—Editorial Calendars; Clipping and Monitoring Services
        5. Endnotes
      3. Relationship-Building Tactics with the Media
        1. A Quick PR Relationship-Building Test
        2. First Things First—Nail Down the Relationship-Building Basics
        3. Endnotes
      4. Best PR Practices
        1. Telltale Signs of PR Fluff
        2. PR Accountability Demonstrated by Professionals
        3. Best-Case Scenarios to Generate Interest
        4. Helpful PR Hints for Successful Campaigns
        5. Endnotes
      5. Cyberbranding—Beyond Trial and Tribulation
    9. Appendix A
    10. Appendix B

    Product information

    • Title: Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy
    • Author(s): Deirdre Breakenridge
    • Release date: May 2001
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780130897107