10 Bridges and Ladders There will be no wall or moat that you cannot pass, no matter how high or steep it is, particularly if you use a ninja ladder.

A castle gatehouse is usually most strictly guarded, but the roof is the most convenient place for you to attach a hooked ladder.

—Bansenshūkai, “In-nin II” 1

The shinobi could move, quietly and unseen, over an enemy’s walls and gates, using ninki infiltration tools—tools described in both Bansenshūkai 2 and Gunpo Jiyoshu.3 Multifaceted ladders and portable bridges like the spiked ladder, cloud ladder, or tool transportation wire4 enabled shinobi to cross moats, scale walls, and deliver tools to other shinobi safely and stealthily. Sometimes these ladders were “proper,” or made by shinobi in ...

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