Advanced technologies are methods used by engineers, scientists, and physicists to solve real-world problems that affect our lives in many unseen ways. Advanced technologies are not just rocket science methods; they include applying statistical analysis to prove or disprove a given hypothesis. For example, statistical methods are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a drug for treating a given illness. Genetic algorithms have been used by engineers for many different applications: the development of the layout of micro processors circuits, for example, or the optimization of landing strut weights in aircraft. In general, complex problems that require testing millions or even billions of combinations to find the optimal answer can be solved using genetic algorithms. Another method, maximum entropy spectral analysis or the maximum entropy method (MEM), has been used in the search for new oil reserves and was adapted by John Ehlers for use in developing trading strategies. Chaos, a mathematical concept, has been used by scientists to understand how to improve weather forecasts. Artificial intelligence was once used only in laboratories to try to learn how to capture human expertise. Now, this technology is used in everything from cars to toasters. These technologies—really just different ways of looking at the world—have found their way to Wall Street and are now used by some ...

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