Chapter 1

Evaluating Your Current Cybersecurity Posture


Bullet Discovering why you may not be as cybersecure as you think you are

Bullet Understanding how to protect against cyber risks

Bullet Evaluating your current cybersecurity measures

Bullet Taking a look at privacy

Bullet Adopting best practices

The first step in improving your protection against cyberthreats is to understand exactly what it is that you need to protect. Only after you have a good grasp on that information can you evaluate what is actually needed to deliver adequate security and determine whether you have any gaps to address.

You must consider what data you have, from whom you must protect it, and how sensitive it is to you. What would happen if, for example, it were publicized on the Internet for the world to see? Then you can evaluate how much you’re willing to spend — timewise and moneywise — on protecting it.

Don’t be Achilles: Identifying Ways You May Be Less than Secure

One lesson to learn from the Greek hero Achilles ...

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