2Corporate Governance and Digital Responsibility

2.1. Corporate governance and stakeholders

As Hervé Guillou stated in October 2016 at a conference:

The subject of cybersecurity is both an economic development issue for companies and a national security and resilience issue: an economic issue because cybersecurity is a catalyst for the digital transformation of the company, at the heart of the protection of its industrial and intellectual heritage and therefore of its value1.

Hervé Guillou adds the following information:

Needless to say, the subject of cybersecurity must be a major concern for business leaders and boards of directors. It directly concerns the company’s image, its sustainability, its strategic and commercial positioning and is therefore strictly in the company’s corporate interest.

The main objective of good governance is to ensure that shareholders and all stakeholders have confidence in the sustainability of the company, some because they invest in a company, others because they work for it as an employee or subcontractor, or because it is a critical partner, banks involved in the credits set up, tax authorities or social organizations.

Governance is the system that organizes the relationships and powers between shareholders, the board of directors and managers, to ensure the proper management of the company, the creation of value, limit risks, guide strategic decisions, supervise the proper execution of the strategy and control the company’s performance ...

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