Chapter 18

Ten Ways You Can Improve Your Cybersecurity without Spending a Fortune


check Understanding that you’re a target

check Protecting yourself using security software

check Encrypting, backing up, and more

Not all security improvements require a large outlay of cash. In this chapter, you discover ten ways that you can quickly improve your cybersecurity without spending a lot of money.

Understand That You Are a Target

People who believe that hackers want to breach their computers and phones and that criminals want to steal their data act differently than people who do not understand the true nature of the threat. Internalizing today’s reality will help introduce into you healthy skepticism, as well as impact your attitude and behavior in numerous other ways — many of which you may not even consciously realize are being affected.

For example, when you believe that you’re a target of cyberattackers, you’re less likely to blindly trust that emails that you receive from your bank were actually sent by the bank, and, as such, you’re less likely to fall prey to phishing scams than are people who believe that they are not targets. People who believe that criminals are after their ...

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