Chapter 14

Backing Up


Bullet Discovering the importance of backing up

Bullet Finding out how to back up data from apps, online accounts, and smartphones

Bullet Exploring different types of backups of your devices and data

Bullet Encountering different ways to back up

While backing up your data sounds like a simple concept — and it is — actually implementing an efficient and effective backup routine is a bit more complicated. To properly back up, not only do you need to know about your backup options, but you also need to think about many other details, such as the location of your backups, encryption, passwords, and boot disks. In this chapter, you find out about all those backup details and more.

Backing Up Is a Must

In the context of cybersecurity, backing up refers to creating an extra copy, or extra copies, of data (that may consist of data, programs, or other computer files) in case the original is damaged, lost, or destroyed.

Backing up is one of the most important defenses against the loss of data, and, eventually, it’s likely to save you from serious aggravation, as nearly everyone, ...

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