Cybersecurity Law

Book description

This book gives insight into the legal aspects of data ownership in the 21st century.

With the amount of information being produced and collected growing at an ever accelerating rate, governments are implementing laws to regulate the use of this information by corporations. Companies are more likely than ever to face heavy lawsuits and sanctions for any misuse of information, which includes data breaches caused by cybercriminals.

This book serves as a guide to all companies that collect customer information, by giving instructions on how to avoid making these costly mistakes and to ensure they are not liable in the event of stolen information.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction to Information Security Law: This Will Explain the Current Laws Around Information Security that Businesses Need to Be Aware of
  2. Chapter 2 Cyber Law and Intellectual Property: This Chapter Will Address an Important Aspect of Cyber Law Related to Protecting a Companies IP
  3. Chapter 3 What Are the Corporate Requirements for Cybersecurity?: This Goes into Detail About What Actions Companies Need to Take to Ensure that They Are in Full Compliance with Information Security Legislation
  4. Chapter 4 What Are the Financial and Reputational Implications of Information Security Legislation: What Types of Lawsuits Can Be Brought Against a Company that Doesn’t Comply with the Current Information Security Laws and How Costly Are They?
  5. Chapter 5 Required Encryption Standards: This Chapter Will Discuss the Importance of Using a Certain Level of Encryption for any Information that You’re Company Holds While It Is in Your Possession and When It Is in Transit (on Your Website, Sent to Third Party Partners, and so on) and How You Can Find Software that Will Do This for You
  6. Chapter 6 How to Offload Legal Liability onto Third Parties: This Chapter Will Discuss Third Party Solutions that You Can Use to Secure Your Data and Will Accept Liability if any Data Breaches Do Occur
  7. Chapter 7 The Importance of Cybersecurity Specific Insurance: A Common Mistake Companies Make Is Assuming Their General Insurance Plan Will Cover Cybersecurity Incidents, Which It Often Won’t. It’s Important that Companies Have a Cybersecurity Specific Insurance Plan. This Chapter Will Discuss This and Give Some Options
  8. Chapter 8 What Type of People and Policies Should You Have to Ensure You Are Complying with Regulations: This Chapter Will Talk About the Type of Experience You Want to Look for When Hiring an Employee into Your Cybersecurity Department to Ensure that They Will Be Mindful of the Legal Implications Your Company Will Be Facing
  9. Chapter 9 Interacting with Law Enforcement: What Rights Do Government Officials Have When It Comes to Accessing a Companies Data on Clients/Customers? When Do You Have the Right to Say No to an Investigator?
  10. Chapter 10 Recap and Conclusion: This Chapter Will Recap the Most Important Elements of the Previous Chapters and Highlight Key Takeaways for the Readers
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  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Cybersecurity Law
  • Author(s): Shimon Brathwaite
  • Release date: February 2019
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781948976732