Removing parts of the pie

We want to make it possible to click on a section of the pie to remove it. First, let's add IDs to our data, to make the removal easier. Adjust the var dataset code at the top of app.js:

var dataset = [
    { id: 1, label: 'Bob', count: 10 }, //add id property
    { id: 2, label: 'Sally', count: 20 }, //add id property
    { id: 3, label: 'Matt', count: 30 }, //add id property
    { id: 4, label: 'Jane', count: 40 } //add id property

Now, let's use those IDs when we map data to paths. Adjust the .data() portion of our var path'g').selectAll('path')code at the bottom of app.js, as follows:

var path ='g').selectAll('path')
    .data(pie(dataset), function(datum){ //attach to each element
        return ...

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