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Darn Easy: Work Half as Hard, Earn Twice as Much, While Living the Life of Your Dreams

Book Description

From the New York Times bestselling author of Your Destiny Switch and the successor to motivational legend Bob Proctor comes a step-by-step guide that makes running a business as easy as 1-2-3

Darn Easy offers entrepreneurs a simple tried-and-true formula for making any business fun, easy, and profitable. Based on a popular program that can be done seamlessly in just a few weeks, the book guides readers through the process of setting goals, building networks, and driving profits—one step at a time.

Designed for ease and destined to please, these powerful techniques will help you improve customer relations, increase productivity, and ensure sustainability—so you’ll have fewer headaches and more free time to enjoy the kind of success that’s not just fun, it’s Darn Easy.

Peggy McColl is the president and founder of Dynamic Destinies, Inc., and the author of the New York Times bestseller Your Destiny Switch.

Brian Proctor is the VP of Business Development at the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For
  8. Success Tools
  9. PART I Attitudes for Success Made Easy
    1. Life Is NOT Meant to Be Hard
    2. Don’t Fight the Old, Build the New
    3. Make a Decision to SHIFT Your Energy to Ease
    4. A Philosophy Behind ANY Success
    5. From Mediocre to Magnificent
    6. Making Money Is a Habit You Develop
    7. A Reality Check You Need to Cash
    8. Choose Your Words Carefully
    9. Your Darn Easy Assignment #1: Prevent Self-Sabotage
    10. Your Darn Easy Assignment #2: Visualize Obstacles Melting Away
  10. PART II Aligning Goals with Your Desires
    1. The Universe Is Ready for You
    2. Your Success Is Guaranteed
    3. Get Out of Your Own Way
    4. Outcome-Focused Consciousness
    5. Be Specific and Aim High
    6. Uncomfortable Goals and Why They Work
    7. Polish the Language of Your Goals
    8. Your Darn Easy Assignment #1: Congratulate Yourself in Advance
    9. Your Darn Easy Assignment #2: Getting Your Goals Straight
  11. PART III A Practical Approach for Success with Ease
    1. Movement Toward Success
    2. The Order of Things
    3. Embrace Imperfect Action
    4. Accountability Expands Your Chances for Success
    5. Find the Good in Adversity and in People
    6. Release What Holds You Back
    7. Put Tools in Your Toolbox
    8. Building Networks, Influences, and Teams
    9. Your Darn Easy Assignment #1: Make Yourself Accountable
    10. Your Darn Easy Assignment #2: Focus on Your Outcomes
  12. PART IV Guarantee Sustainability, Growth, and Greater Ease
    1. Renew Your Commitment to Growth
    2. Identify Your Areas of “Genius-ness” and Weakness
    3. Find Pain Relievers
    4. Plan Balance for Your Life
    5. Calculate Bottom Line Dollars and Sense
    6. Drive Your Financial Income with Emotional Income
    7. Cultivate the Law of Compensation
    8. Practice Psychological Reciprocity
    9. Daily Disciplines for a Life with Ease
    10. Your Darn Easy Assignment #1: Create New Positive Habits for Success
    11. Your Darn Easy Assignment #2: Don’t Break the Chain
  13. Appendix: Sample Visualization Transcript
  14. Index