Cluster analysis with four clusters

Given the preceding points, we re-run the cluster analysis and save cluster membership for the 4-cluster solution:

DATASET DECLARE D0.9976844462521434.PROXIMITIES  MurderandManslaughterRate RevisedRapeRate RobberyRate  AggravatedAssaultRate BurglaryRate Larceny_TheftRate MotorVehicleTheftRate /MATRIX OUT(D0.9976844462521434) /VIEW=CASE /MEASURE=SEUCLID /PRINT NONE /STANDARDIZE=VARIABLE Z.CLUSTER /MATRIX IN(D0.9976844462521434) /METHOD WARD /PRINT SCHEDULE /PLOT DENDROGRAM /SAVE CLUSTER(4).DATASET CLOSE D0.9976844462521434.

The SPSS code is very similar to the first run. However, this time you see the CLUSTER /SAVE subcommand, which saves the cluster memberships in a variable named CLU4_1 that is added to ...

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