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While the scale problem that originally defined big data technologies has largely been solved by a robust ecosystem of technologies and vendors, user interfaces lag far behind. In this unique O’Reilly video collection—taken from live sessions at Strata + Hadoop World 2015 in San Jose, California—you’ll learn about several tools and techniques for designing interfaces that developers and business people will enjoy using.

This video collection includes:

Designing with Data: A Human-centered Approach to Data-driven Design
Arianna McClain (IDEO), Coe Leta Stafford (IDEO), Kevin Ho (IDEO)
Apply human-centered techniques from IDEO’s product design process to the world of data and analysis. The IDEO hybrid team will show how this approach helps you understand underlying organizational issues, design experiments, analyze data, and communicate results.

What Designers and Data Scientists Can Learn from Each Other
Danyel Fisher (Microsoft Research), Miriah Meyer (University of Utah)
Why do designers and data scientists vary in the ways that they create visualizations? Simply because the tools they use are too rigid. Learn why we need tools that let designers more easily manipulate data—and that let data scientists more flexibly explore it.

Data (Art &) Science
Eric Colson (Stitch Fix)
A certain class of problems calls for the combination of art and science. Focusing exclusively on art or science with social products—such as books, music, and video, and apparel—leads to less than optimal results. Learn new ways to marry art and data within your organization.

Humanizing Data—Building Systems and Interfaces for Domain Experts
Ari Gesher (Palantir Technologies), James Thompson (Palantir Technologies)
While big data technologies have made great strides in recent years, user interfaces for these systems clearly lag behind. Learn what it takes to build an advanced querying interface that people will actually use and love.

Designing for Data
Etan Lightstone (New Relic)
Get a detailed overview of New Relic Insights, a flexible, real-time big data analytics platform that helps customers make collecting and analyzing business data simple. The key is its SQL-like query approach that almost anyone with a developer base of knowledge can use.

Architecting Interfaces that Learn
Tye Rattenbury (Trifacta), Jeffrey Heer (Trifacta / University of Washington)
Learn the software philosophy behind intelligent interface designs at Trifacta—particularly how the company focuses on the flow of signals, data, and prediction throughout the architecture of an application.

Designing Delightful Data Products
Alonzo Canada (Interana)
How do you package data products so that they’re understandable and easy to use for mainstream users? This session focuses on design methodologies taught at the Stanford D.School and practices used for designing interfaces for Samsung, Audi, and Yahoo.

The Human-Data Interface: How to Design for "Irrational" Data Consumers
Cathy Tanimura (Okta)
Understanding how people perceive information, change their minds, and make decisions can help you explain your work and make data products that really stick. Learn from experts who have incorporated neurology, cognitive psychology, and behavioral economics research into their work.

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