Chapter 9 Reference Data Services

Topics Covered in this Chapter

  • This chapter presents a detailed overview of how Data as a Service (DaaS) can be successfully deployed in organizations for disseminating shared reference data to downstream data subscribers and consumers.
  • A detailed solution blueprint is provided for designing and developing reference data services (RDS) that can be reused across the enterprise by using common design components and standards.
  • Several illustrative case studies are also discussed on reference data services from the financial and healthcare sectors.

“Data that is loved tends to survive.”

—Kurt Bollacker, Data Scientist

The DaaS framework helps organizations promote overall quality of data. It also can reduce deployment costs by using reusable architectural patterns, which serve as an enabler to accelerate service deployment within organizations.

As discussed in Chapter 2, IT reference architecture patterns also help provide a proven solution to a repeating problem in a given context. This chapter, along with Chapters 10 and 11, propose solution blueprints that define the most efficient ways that an organization's users can access key categories of an organization's enterprise data such as reference data, master data, and big data. Solution blueprints on how each category of data can be deployed as reusable data services are also discussed. The blueprint is based on the composition of underlying architectural patterns and relevant architectural ...

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