Chapter Organization

This book is designed to cover following five major parts:

  • Part 1: Data Center Overview and Strategic Planning
  • Part 2: Data Center Design and Construction
  • Part 3: Data Center Technology
  • Part 4: Data Center Operations and Management
  • Part 5: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

This organization allows readers to have an overview of data centers including strategic planning, design and construction; the available technologies and best practices; how to efficiently and effectively manage a data center and close out with disaster recovery and business continuity. Within 5 parts, there are 36 chapters.

Part 1: Data Center Overview and Strategic Planning

Chapter 1—Data Centers—Strategic Planning, Design, Construction, and Operations: This chapter provides high-level discussion of some key elements in planning and designing data centers. It covers the definition of data centers; vision; principles in preparing a roadmap and strategic planning; global location planning; sustainable design relating to reliability, computational fluid dynamics, DCIM, and PUE; best practices; proven and emerging technologies; and operations management. It concludes with disaster recovery and business continuity. All of these subjects are described in more detail within the handbook.

Chapter 2—Energy and Sustainability in Data Centers: This chapter gives an overview of best practices in designing and operating data centers that would reduce energy consumption and achieve sustainability. ...

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