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Data-Driven iOS Apps for iPad™ and iPhone

Book Description

In this book, leading FileMaker expert Jesse Feiler shows power users, IT professionals, knowledge workers, and managers exactly how to integrate data from multiple FileMaker sources with iPads, iPhones, and the web. One step at a time, Feiler illuminates every leading strategy for integrating FileMaker with iPad, iPhone, and the Web. He carefully explains all essential techniques, challenges, and design issues associated with delivering and utilizing data on mobile devices. Coverage includes: " Using FileMaker Go apps to access FileMaker databases that are hosted on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro, or resident on a mobile device " Migrating databases, scripts, and layouts created by FileMaker Pro, and creating customized layouts and scripts " Adapting database user interfaces for mobile devices " Using Bento, FileMaker's personal database, to share data and synchronize libraries " Utilizing Bento's powerful import/export tools to quickly move data from spreadsheets and other data sources " Using FileMaker Custom Web Publishing (CWP) tools to deliver FileMaker database content on the Web " Formatting data so it displays optimally on iPad and can utilize iPad's unique capabilities