Chapter 6

You’re Going to Need a Geek: Introduction to Analyzing Data

In This Chapter

arrow Using statistics to analyze data

arrow Recognizing how your data varies among customers

arrow Understanding connections between customer traits

arrow Designing effective tests

arrow Using data to predict customer behavior

The world of database marketing revolves around customer data. Lots of data. But data is just raw material. What you’re truly after is insight into your customers’ preferences, needs, attitudes, and behavior. In short, you’re after information. Information is the result of analyzing and organizing your raw data in the context of a particular business problem or opportunity. It’s information, not data, that drives decision making.

Customer data is messy. It’s often incomplete. Sometimes the accuracy of the data varies from customer to customer. Data for some customers may be old and outdated.

Analyzing data and teasing information from it can be a complicated and technical exercise. It requires some expertise ...

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