Data-Driven Testing in Selenium

Video description

Selenium is one of the most popular engines for UI test automation. It is available for many different programming languages. At the same time, the data-driven approach is one of the most popular approaches for optimizing tests, making them compact, and easily extensible just by adding some new data.

In this course, you’ll practice the data-driven approach using Selenium, Java, and TestNG/JUnit. We’ll start with basic samples and then go through the major steps to abstract application pages using a page object model. After that, we’ll exercise different ways to make our tests data-driven.

We’ll start with basic out of the box abilities and then practice more complicated samples to operate with external data from Excel, databases, Spring injection, and more. We’ll go through various improvements to make tests run in parallel. In particular, we’ll explore different options to run data-driven tests in parallel.

At the end, you’ll discover the good practices when testing framework designs. You’ll also get a deep understanding of the data-driven approach and various ways to apply it to our tests.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the idea behind the data-driven approach
  • See an approach to build a framework in Java for web and mobile applications
  • Get major solutions to make data-driven tests for JUnit and TestNG
  • Discover some advanced techniques to get test data from external sources
  • Get to know additional solutions that can help you inject test data into tests
  • See patterns and approaches to run tests in parallel
  • Get a general understanding of test infrastructure setup


This video course is for software quality assurance/testing professionals, software project managers, or software developers with prior experience using Selenium and Java to test web-based applications.

About The Author

Mykola Kolisnyk: Mykola Kolisnyk has been working in test automation since 2004. He has been involved with various activities including creating test automation solutions from scratch, leading test automation teams, and working as a consultant with test automation processes.

During his working career, he has had experience with different test automation tools such as Mercury WinRunner, MicroFocus SilkTest, SmartBear TestComplete, Selenium-RC, WebDriver, Appium, SoapUI, BDD frameworks, and many other different engines and solutions. He has also had experience with multiple programming technologies based on Java, C#, Ruby, and so on, and with different domain areas such as healthcare, mobile, telecoms, social networking, business process modeling, performance and talent management, multimedia, e-commerce, and investment banking.

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  • Title: Data-Driven Testing in Selenium
  • Author(s): Mykola Kolisnyk
  • Release date: December 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788476430