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E. Hechler et al.Data Fabric and Data Mesh Approaches with AIhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-9253-2_2

2. Terminology: Data Fabric and Data Mesh

Eberhard Hechler1  , Maryela Weihrauch2 and Yan (Catherine) Wu3
Sindelfingen, Germany
Charlotte, NC, USA
San Jose, CA, USA

This chapter explains the key terms that will be used throughout this book, the terms Data Fabric and Data Mesh, and how these two terms relate to each other. We introduce the term data-as-a-product or shopping-for-data and provide a high-level introduction into AI-infused Data Fabric capabilities. The chapter concludes with a description of a data product as a key concept of a Data Mesh. ...

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