Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication

Book Description

A dream come true for those looking to improve their data fluency

Analytical data is a powerful tool for growing companies, but what good is it if it hides in the shadows? Bring your data to the forefront with effective visualization and communication approaches, and let Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Communication show you the best tools and strategies for getting the job done right. Learn the best practices of data presentation and the ways that reporting and dashboards can help organizations effectively gauge performance, identify areas for improvement, and communicate results.

Topics covered in the book include data reporting and communication, audience and user needs, data presentation tools, layout and styling, and common design failures. Those responsible for analytics, reporting, or BI implementation will find a refreshing take on data and visualization in this resource, as will report, data visualization, and dashboard designers.

  • Conquer the challenge of making valuable data approachable and easy to understand

  • Develop unique skills required to shape data to the needs of different audiences

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  • Written by well-known and highly esteemed authors in the data presentation community

  • Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Communication focuses on user experience, making reports approachable, and presenting data in a compelling, inspiring way. The book helps to dissolve the disconnect between your data and those who might use it and can help make an impact on the people who are most affected by data. Use Data Fluency today to develop the skills necessary to turn data into effective displays for decision-making.

    Table of Contents

    1. Foreword
    2. Introduction
      1. Data Is the New Language of Business
      2. Data Communication Is a Social Problem, Not a Technology Problem
      3. Connecting and Collaborating
      4. Turning Data into Action
      5. Visualization Is Only a Piece of the Solution
      6. Who Is This Book For?
    3. Chapter 1: The Last Mile Problem
      1. The Information Age: Driving the Need for Data Fluency
      2. Data Fluency: Unlock the Potential Energy of Data in Your Organization
    4. Chapter 2: The Data Fluency Framework
      1. The Data Fluency Framework
      2. Resources for More Depth
      3. Benefits of the Data Fluent Organization
      4. How to Use This Framework
      5. How Organizations Struggle
      6. Summary
    5. Chapter 3: How Organizations Struggle with Data Fluency
      1. Pitfalls on the Path to Data Fluency
      2. Finding Balance
    6. Chapter 4: A Consumer’s Guide to Understanding Data
      1. Data Products
      2. Learning the Language of Data
      3. Wrapping Up
    7. Chapter 5: Data Authors: Skilled Designers of Data Presentations
      1. A Rare Skillset
      2. What You’ll Learn
      3. Guided Conversations
      4. Design Principles
      5. Viva the Authors of Data Products
    8. Chapter 6: The Data Fluent Culture
      1. Leadership, Culture, and Communicating Priorities
      2. Establishing Key Metrics to Rally Around
      3. Shared Understandings
      4. Everyday Activities
      5. Evolution of Data Fluent Cultures
    9. Chapter 7: The Data Product Ecosystem
      1. Data Products for Information Delivery
      2. Necessary Conditions
      3. Learning from the App Store
      4. Demand
      5. Design
      6. Develop
      7. Discover
      8. Discuss
      9. Distill
      10. Learning from Wikipedia
      11. “Only Connect”
    10. Chapter 8: The Journey to Data Fluency
      1. Why Data Fluency?
      2. Data Consumers: Creating a Sophisticated Audience
      3. Data Product Producers: The Skills to Enable Effective Data Communication
      4. Data Fluent Culture: Building a Shared Understanding of Data
      5. Data Product Ecosystem: Tools and Processes to Facilitate the Fluid Exchange of Information
      6. Begin the Journey
    11. Feature: The Data Fluency Inventory
      1. The Data Fluency Inventory Survey Questions
      2. Summary of the DFI
      3. DFI Scoring Guide (for Organizations)
      4. Scoring Guide (for Individuals)
      5. DFI Supporting Materials
    12. Appendix A: Designing Data Products
      1. A Checklist for Creating Data Products
      2. Think Like a Designer
      3. Designed to Be Used
      4. Breaking Free of the One-Page Dashboard Rule
      5. Dashboard Alerts Checklist
      6. 8 Features of Successful Real-time Dashboards
    13. Appendix B: Style Guide
      1. Style Guide Sample 1: Fonts
      2. Style Guide Sample 2: Colors
      3. Style Guide Sample 3: Date/Number Formatting
      4. Style Guide Sample 4: Bar Charts
      5. Style Guide Sample 5: Trend Charts
      6. Style Guide Sample 6: Tables
    14. Titlepage
    15. Copyright
    16. Dedication
    17. About the Authors
    18. Credits
    19. Acknowledgments
    20. End-User License Agreement

    Product Information

    • Title: Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: November 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118851012