Appendix A Designing Data Products

The idea for this book grew out of many of the ideas we developed over the years writing our blog. In this appendix, we have edited together a collection of blog posts that discuss some important principles and concepts on designing data products.


  1. A Checklist for Creating Data Products—An overview for product managers of data solutions to begin the process of transforming their organization’s valuable data into customer-facing products.
  2. Think Like a Designer—A set of design principles for creating a data dashboard, including the use of unity/harmony, proximity/hierarchy, clear space, balance, contrast, proportion, and simplicity.
  3. Designed to Be Used—A short list of design principles that we use to deliver applications that are valuable and productive for users.
  4. Breaking Free of the One-Page Dashboard Rule—Many people believe a dashboard needs to be a one-page, single view interface. We offer a different definition of data dashboards, focusing on clarity and conciseness.
  5. Dashboard Alerts Checklist—Alerts are a common feature in data products. This article summarizes our four C’s for effective alerts: context, cogency, communication, and control.
  6. 8 Features of Successful Real-time Dashboards—Many operational dashboards require data that is updated in real time. We describe what it takes ...

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