Chapter 5

Building the Business Case for Data Governance


Bullet Exploring the business case for data governance

Bullet Understanding governance, compliance, and risk (GRC)

Bullet Creating a data governance program proposal

Bullet Estimating a data governance program budget

In all types of organizations, data governance is becoming more important and more pressing with every day that passes. A world being transformed by digitalization requires us to have quality data that is managed well. More and more companies have data governance plans in place and there’s more demand for implementations, skills, and tools than ever before.

Yet, despite all this, many business leaders still have not bought into the idea of data governance. Some even reject it all together. This rigidity can be an area of frustration for many stakeholders, including senior executives such as the CDO and the COO. Data scientists and analysts, auditors, and the legal staff are often the first to see the benefits and welcome data governance programs.

Many still see data governance as a defensive capability, meaning they believe ...

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