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Data Hiding

Book Description

As data hiding detection and forensic techniques have matured, people are creating more advanced stealth methods for spying, corporate espionage, terrorism, and cyber warfare all to avoid detection. Data Hiding provides an exploration into the present day and next generation of tools and techniques used in covert communications, advanced malware methods and data concealment tactics. The hiding techniques outlined include the latest technologies including mobile devices, multimedia, virtualization and others. These concepts provide corporate, goverment and military personnel with the knowledge to investigate and defend against insider threats, spy techniques, espionage, advanced malware and secret communications. By understanding the plethora of threats, you will gain an understanding of the methods to defend oneself from these threats through detection, investigation, mitigation and prevention.

  • Provides many real-world examples of data concealment on the latest technologies including iOS, Android, VMware, MacOS X, Linux and Windows 7
  • Dives deep into the less known approaches to data hiding, covert communications, and advanced malware
  • Includes never before published information about next generation methods of data hiding
  • Outlines a well-defined methodology for countering threats
  • Looks ahead at future predictions for data hiding

Table of Contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Raggo Acknowledgments
  7. Hosmer Acknowledgments
  8. About the Authors
  9. About the Technical Editor
  10. Preface
  11. Chapter 1. History of Secret Writing
    1. Introduction
    2. Cryptology
    3. Steganography
    4. Summary
    5. References
  12. Chapter 2. Four Easy Data Hiding Exercises
    1. Hiding Data in Microsoft Word
    2. Image Metadata
    3. Mobile Device Data Hiding
    4. File Compression Tool Data Hiding
    5. Summary
    6. References
  13. Chapter 3. Steganography
    1. Introduction
    2. Steganographic Techniques
    3. Steganalysis
    4. Summary
    5. References
  14. Chapter 4. Multimedia Data Hiding
    1. Multimedia Overview
    2. Data Hiding in Digital Audio
    3. Data Hiding in Digital Video
    4. Summary
    5. References
  15. Chapter 5. Data Hiding Among Android Mobile Devices
    1. Android Overview
    2. Android ImgHid and Reveal App
    3. Android My Secret App
    4. StegDroid
    5. Summary
    6. References
  16. Chapter 6. Apple iOS Data Hiding
    1. Introduction
    2. Mobile Device Data Hiding Applications
    3. Summary
    4. References
  17. Chapter 7. Operating System Data Hiding
    1. Windows Data Hiding
    2. Linux Data Hiding
    3. References
  18. Chapter 8. Virtual Data Hiding
    1. Introduction
    2. Hiding a Virtual Environment
    3. A Review of Virtual Environments
    4. Summary
    5. References
  19. Chapter 9. Data Hiding in Network Protocols
    1. Introduction
    2. VoIP Data Hiding
    3. Delayed Packet Modification Method
    4. IP Layer Data Hiding, The TTL Field
    5. Investigating Protocol Data Hiding
    6. Summary
    7. References
  20. Chapter 10. Forensics and Anti-Forensics
    1. Introduction
    2. Anti-Forensics—Hiding your tracks
    3. Forensics
    4. Summary
    5. References
  21. Chapter 11. Mitigation Strategies
    1. Forensic Investigation
    2. Mitigation
    3. Summary
    4. References
  22. Chapter 12. Futures
    1. The Future, and the Past
    2. Summary
  23. Index