Sqoop 2

Sqoop 2 contains all the capabilities as described above in the context of Sqoop 1, as well as many of the new capabilities which do not exist in Sqoop 1. These include Sqoop-shell, metadata support for multiple databases as repositories, as well as concept of links and remotability of Sqoop jobs.

Sqoop 2 runs from within an embedded container and depends on Hadoop environment variables to locate all dependencies.

Here, we are referring to v 5 of Sqoop 2 primarily because it worked slightly better than the latest versions of Sqoop 2 at the time of authoring this book.

In order to install Sqoop 2, the following steps are required to be performed:

  1. Download the Sqoop 1.99.5 (yes, this officially called as Sqoop 2) binary distribution ...

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