Chapter 9: Hash of Hashes – Looping Through SAS Hash Objects

9.1 Overview

9.2 Creating a Hash of Hashes (HoH) Table – Simple Example

9.3 Calculating Percentiles, Mode, Mean, and More

9.3.1 Percentiles

9.3.2 Multiple Medians

9.3.3 Percentiles, Mode, Median, and More

9.4 Consecutive Events

9.5 Multiple Splits

9.5.1 Adding a Unique Count

9.5.2 Multiple Split Calculations

9.6 Summary

9.1 Overview

Both our business users and their IT support staff have expressed appreciation for the examples provided so far that allow for parameterization and code generation. They commented positively on being exposed to the macro language and the capabilities of the SQL procedure.

However, they have expressed concern about having to write code for each hash table ...

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