9.10 Bibliographic Notes

For an introduction to Bayesian belief networks, see Darwiche [Dar10] and Heckerman [Hec96]. For a thorough presentation of probabilistic networks, see Pearl [KF09] and Koller and Friedman [KF09]. Solutions for learning the belief network structure from training data given observable variables are proposed in Cooper and Herskovits [CH92]; Buntine [Bun94]; and Heckerman, Geiger, and Chickering [HGC95]. Algorithms for inference on belief networks can be found in Russell and Norvig [RN95] and Jensen [Jen96]. The method of gradient descent, described in Section 9.1.2, for training Bayesian belief networks, is given in Russell, Binder, Koller, and Kanazawa [RBKK95]. The example given in Figure 9.1 is adapted from Russell et ...

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