13.8 Bibliographic Notes

For mining complex data types, there are many research papers and books covering various themes. We list here some recent books and well-cited survey or research articles for references.

Time-series analysis has been studied in statistics and computer science communities for decades, with many textbooks such as Box, Jenkins, and Reinsel [BJR08]; Brockwell and Davis [BD02]; Chatfield [Cha03b]; Hamilton [Ham94]; and Shumway and Stoffer [SS05]. A fast subsequence matching method in time-series databases was presented by Faloutsos, Ranganathan, and Manolopoulos [FRM94]. Agrawal, Lin, Sawhney, and Shim [ALSS95] developed a method for fast similarity search in the presence of noise, scaling, and translation in time-series databases. ...

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