Appendix C

Major Data Vendors

Your own internal data is often the most relevant data you can get. Government and nonprofit sources offer valuable data free. Use these sources whenever you can! When those sources don’t meet your needs, you’ll have to turn to commercial data suppliers. But which suppliers? This appendix gives you a number of reputable choices. Read on to know where to look next.


Acxiom ( is a major source for consumer marketing data. Acxiom’s data sources include publicly available property transaction records, auto warranty and service records, consumer-reported product registrations, surveys, census neighborhood statistics, and retailers. It provides

  • Demographics, such as age and gender
  • Home information, such as whether the consumer owns or rents
  • Motor vehicle information, such as make, model, and insurance renewal
  • Economic data, including income range and credit card use
  • Purchase data, types of products purchased, and frequency
  • Interests and indicators of interest, such as sports, arts and crafts, pet ownership, and other such categories

Acxiom also offers marketing platforms and provides value-added services such as propensity scores for spending and other consumer behavior.


Corelogic ( is a source for property and financial information. Its offerings are aimed primarily at lenders, insurers, and landlords.

Because so much property information is available directly from government sources, you may wonder why ...

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