appendix B. Package structures Airflow 1 and 2

Most of this book was based on Airflow 1. Just before the release of this book, Airflow 2 was released, and we decided to update all code for Airflow 2.

One of the most involved changes are the new providers packages in Airflow 2. Many modules were removed from the core Airflow and are now installed via a separate “providers” package in order to shrink the core Airflow package. In this appendix, we list all Airflow imports used in the book and their paths in both Airflow 1 and Airflow 2.

B.1 Airflow 1 package structure

In Airflow 1, a split was made between “core” components (operators/hooks/ sensors/etc.) and “contrib” components, for example airflow.operators.python _operator.PythonOperator

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