Chapter 23

Scoring and Automation


23.1 Introduction

23.2 Scoring Process

23.3 Explicitly Calculating the Score Values from Parameters and Input Variables

23.4 Using the Respective SAS/STAT Procedure for Scoring

23.5 Scoring with PROC SCORE of SAS/STAT

23.6 Using the Respective SAS/ETS Procedure for Scoring

23.7 The Score Code That Can Be Produced in SAS Enterprise Miner

23.8 The Pre-checks on the Data That Are Useful before Scoring

23.9 Automation of Data Mart Creation in General


23.1  Introduction


After a data mart is prepared, it can be used for analysis. Some types of analyses, as we saw in Section 2.6, “ Scoring Needed: Yes/No,” produce a set of rules that can be applied to another data mart in order to calculate a score. ...

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