Chapter 28

Case Study 4—Data Preparation in SAS Enterprise Miner


28.1 Introduction

28.2 Nodes for Data Preparation

28.3 Data Definition, Sampling, and Data Partition

28.4 Data Transformation

28.5 Scoring in SAS Enterprise Miner

28.6 Merging Multiple-Rows-per-Subject Data

28.7 Conclusion


28.1  Introduction


In this case study we will show how SAS Enterprise Miner can be used for data preparation. In earlier chapters we referred to SAS Enterprise Miner for data preparation tasks. Here we will illustrate which functionality of SAS Enterprise Miner is useful for data preparation.

The following examples and descriptions refer to SAS Enterprise Miner 5.2.

28.2  Nodes for Data Preparation


When introducing SAS Enterprise Miner for ...

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