Data Privacy for the Smart Grid

Book description

Privacy for the Smart Grid provides easy-to-understand guidance on data privacy issues and the implications for creating privacy risk management programs, along with privacy policies and practices required to ensure Smart Grid privacy. It addresses privacy in electric, natural gas, and water grids from two different perspectives of the topic, one from a Smart Grid expert and another from a privacy and information security expert. While considering privacy in the Smart Grid, the book also examines the data created by Smart Grid technologies and machine-to-machine applications.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. About the Authors
  10. Chapter 1 The Smart Grid and Privacy
    1. What Is the Smart Grid?
    2. Changes from Traditional Energy Delivery
    3. Smart Grid Possibilities
    4. Business Model Transformations
    5. Emerging Privacy Risks
    6. The Need for Privacy Policies
    7. Privacy Laws, Regulations, and Standards
    8. Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
    9. New Privacy Challenges
      1. IOT
      2. Big Data
  11. Chapter 2 What Is the Smart Grid?
    1. Market and Regulatory Overview
      1. Traditional Electricity Business Sector
      2. The Electricity Open Market
      3. Classifications of Utilities
      4. Rate-Making Processes
      5. Electricity Consumers
      6. Electricity Technology Overview
      7. Electricity Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
      8. The Smart Grid
      9. Market Changes in the Smart Grid
      10. Prosumer Evolution
      11. Other Relevant Market Changes
      12. Buildings as Prosumers
      13. Automated Demand Response and the OpenADR Initiative
      14. Microgrids
      15. The Future Smart Grid
      16. Technology Changes
      17. Energy Storage
      18. Transmission Grids
      19. Data Volumes within the Smart Grid
      20. Data Owners, Data Custodians, and Data Managers
      21. Energy Consumption
    2. Smart Grid Privacy Risk Examples
      1. Energy Regulation
    3. Smart Grid, Smart Infrastructure
    4. Key Points for Smart Grid Technologies
  12. Chapter 3 What Is Privacy?
    1. What Is Privacy?
    2. Categories of Privacy
    3. What’s the Difference between sec3_urity and Privacy?
    4. Data Types
    5. Smart Data Privacy Implications
    6. Data Communications Privacy Concerns
  13. Chapter 4 Smart Meter Data and Privacy
    1. Meter Comparisons
    2. AMR Metering
    3. Smart Meters Overview
    4. Signaling Types
    5. Smart Meter Communications Capabilities
    6. Smart Meter Data Read Frequency
    7. Smart Meter Data Granularity
    8. Energy Savings Initiatives
    9. Green Button Initiative
    10. Green Button Connect
    11. AMI Networks
    12. Smart Meter Data Summary
  14. Chapter 5 The Connected Home
    1. Home Area Networks
    2. Communications Options
    3. Home Energy Management Systems
    4. HEMS Adoption
    5. HEMS Communications with the Smart Grid
    6. HANs Do Not Need Smart Meters
    7. HANs as Communications Gateway Devices
    8. Privacy Risks within Rentals and Other Leased Spaces
    9. Employee Privacy Risks within Commercial Buildings and Industrial Sites
    10. Disaggregation Technologies
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
    11. Smart Appliances
    12. Connecting Home Appliances
    13. DR Programs
  15. Chapter 6 Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations, and Privacy
    1. Publicly Owned Charging
    2. Private Charging
    3. Utility-Supplied Network Charging
    4. Other Privacy Implications with EVs
    5. Telematics
  16. Chapter 7 Mitigating Privacy Risks
    1. Basic Risk Mitigation Strategies
    2. Smart Grid Privacy Risks
    3. Energy Usage Data Privacy Risks
    4. Energy Production Data Privacy Risks
    5. Identifying Risks
    6. Privacy Risk Mitigation Methods
  17. Chapter 8 How to Take Charge of Your Privacy
    1. Roles and Responsibilities
    2. Privacy Possibilities and Responsibilities for the Data Subject
    3. Data Subject Privacy Use Case Example
    4. Information sec8_urity Controls to Support Privacy Protection
    5. Privacy Responsibilities for the Data Controller/DataCustodian and the Data Processor/Data Manager
    6. Other Helpful Privacy and Information sec8_urity Resources
  18. Chapter 9 Transactive Energy
    1. Technology
    2. Microgrids
    3. Regulatory Policy
    4. Finance
    5. OpenADR
    6. Going Forward
  19. Chapter 10 Addressing Common Privacy Claims
  20. Chapter 11 Beyond the Smart Grid: The Monetization of Data
    1. Sensor Proliferation
  21. Appendix A Smart Grid Categories and Associated Privacy Risks
  22. Appendix B Example of One State’s Actions for Smart Grid Privacy
  23. Index

Product information

  • Title: Data Privacy for the Smart Grid
  • Author(s): Rebecca Herold, Christine Hertzog
  • Release date: January 2015
  • Publisher(s): Auerbach Publications
  • ISBN: 9781000219005