Chapter 3

Applying Data Science to Business and Industry

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing the benefits of business-centric data science

arrow Knowing business intelligence from business-centric data science

arrow Finding the expert to call when you want the job done right

arrow Seeing how a real-world business put data science to good use

To the nerds and geeks out there, data science is interesting in its own right, but to most people, it’s interesting only because of the benefits it can generate. Most business managers and organizational leaders couldn’t care less about coding and complex statistical algorithms. They are, on the other hand, extremely interested in finding new ways to increase business profits by increasing sales rates and decreasing inefficiencies. In this chapter, I introduce the concept of business-centric data science, discuss how it differs from traditional business intelligence, and talk about how you can use data-derived business insights to increase your business’ bottom line.

Incorporating Data-Driven Insights into the Business Process

The modern business world is absolutely deluged ...

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