Chapter 8

Modeling Spatial Data with Statistics

In This Chapter

arrow Predicting for spatial characteristics with statistical data modeling

arrow Generating roughly accurate spatial predictions with krige

arrow Getting accurate predictive results by using kriging with variograms

arrow Picking optimal predictive models with best-estimation methods

arrow Knowing where to look to get fast spatial statistics results

The average person’s experience with spatial data goes no further than querying locations on Google Maps or checking in on Facebook from cool places around town. People with expertise in computer science, geo sciences, environmental engineering, criminal science, or epidemiology are likely to have experience using spatial data for basic quantitative analysis and visualization, but that is generally done using GIS software. (For more on GIS and mapmaking, check out Chapter 13 of this book.) This chapter goes above and beyond the offerings of Google Maps or Facebook. Get ready to find out how you can use ...

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