Chapter 11

Web-Based Applications for Visualization Design

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out some online collaborative data visualization platforms

arrow Knowing your options for web-based spatial data analysis and mapping

arrow Getting the scoop on some powerful, non-collaborative data visualization platforms

arrow Digging into the best visualization platforms for creative infographic design

In recent years, the World Wide Web has seen an impressive rise in the number of easy-to-use online tools available for data visualization and infographic design. So you no longer need to purchase, download, install, and maintain proprietary software packages to help you do this type of work. Instead, you can choose from a seemingly limitless number of open-source web-based solutions available to help you achieve practically any visualization goal you’re after. In this chapter, I bring you up to speed on the best options available to help you reach your specific goals.

Don’t worry if you’re not overly technical. With many of these web-based applications, you simply need to upload your data (often using a simple copy-and-paste ...

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