Chapter 12

Exploring Best Practices in Dashboard Design

In This Chapter

arrow Designing a dashboard for its users

arrow Seeing the big picture

arrow Getting down to details

arrow Letting no dashboard go untested

Big data, data engineering, and data science are revolutionizing business. While more and more data is collected at faster and faster rates, the demand for clear and meaningful data insights increases, as well. Organizational decision makers need information delivered quickly, and in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

In this context, data analytics dashboards are one of the more popular methods for delivering such information. Acting as a (hopefully) user-friendly software interface, such dashboards can provide a single-page, easy-to-understand summary of information that’s vital to organizational and managerial decision making. A dashboard can also serve as a portal through which users can drill down to obtain more detailed information when needed.

Although dashboards have the potential to be highly effective communication mediums, their usefulness is heavily dependent on the designers’ ...

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