Chapter 14

Using Python for Data Science

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with basic concepts in Python

arrow Finding out what NumPy is all about

arrow Seeing what SciPy has to offer

arrow Making data visualizations with MatPlotLib

arrow Launching your first Python project

Python is a versatile programming language that’s been widely adopted across the data science sector over the last decade. Although popular programming languages like Java and C++ are better for developing standalone desktop applications, Python is terrific for processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. For this reason, it has earned a reputation of excellence in the data science field. In fact, Python has become so popular it seems to have stolen ground from R — the other free, widely adopted programming language for data science applications. Python’s status as one of the more popular programming languages out there can be linked to the fact that a) it’s relatively easy to master and b) it allows users to accomplish several tasks ...

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