Chapter 19

Delving into Environmental Data Science

In This Chapter

arrow Modeling the environmental-human interaction

arrow Using statistical modeling for natural resources in the raw

arrow Using statistics to predict for location-dependent environmental phenomenon

Because data science can be used to successfully reverse-engineer business growth and increase revenues, many of its more noble applications often slide by completely unnoticed. Environmental data science is one such application. Environmental data science is the use of data science techniques, methodologies, and technologies to address or solve problems that are related to the environment. It falls into three main categories — environmental intelligence, natural resource modeling, and spatial statistics to predict environmental variation. In this chapter, I discuss each type of environmental data science and how it’s being used to make a positive impact on human health, safety, and the environment.

Modeling Environmental-Human Interactions with Environmental Intelligence

The purpose of environmental intelligence (EI) is to convert raw data into insights that can be used for data-informed decision making about matters that pertain to ...

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