Chapter 20

Data Science for Driving Growth in E-Commerce


check Making sense of e-commerce data

check Applying analytics to optimize an e-commerce business

check Deploying web analytics to drive growth

check Testing, testing, and more testing

check Segmenting and targeting your audiences

Big data and analytics aren’t really new topics to most people these days. However, the creative ways in which big data and analytics are being used to transform lives and businesses are new. Businesses are quickly catching on to the fact that in this fast-paced era, an organization’s survival hinges on its ability to integrate data science and analytics into every major decision that’s made — particularly in relation to strategic marketing decision making. In fact, the demand for marketing analytics practitioners has increased by 136 percent in the past three years alone. Marketing analytics professionals use data science and analytics to drive sales growth and user adoption rates for today’s e-commerce business ...

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