Chapter 23

Ten Free Data Science Tools and Applications


check Getting creative with free R packages for data visualization

check Using open-source tools for scraping, collecting, and handling data

check Analyzing your data with free open-source tools

check Having fun with visualizations in advanced open-source applications

Because visualizations are a vitally important part of the data scientist’s toolkit, it should come as no surprise that you can use quite a few free web-based tools to make visualizations in data science. (Check out Chapter 11 for links to a few.) With such tools, you can leverage the brain’s capacity to quickly absorb visual information. Because data visualizations are an effective means of communicating data insights, many tool and application developers work hard to ensure that the platforms they design are simple enough for even beginners to use. These simple applications can sometimes be useful to more advanced data scientists, but at other times, data science experts simply need more technical tools to help them delve deeper into datasets.

In this chapter, I present ...

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