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Data Science Fundamentals for Marketing and Business Professionals

Video Description

What do data scientists and analysts do? What software languages do they use and what soft and hard skills are required? Data science evangelist Tomi Mester answers these questions and more in this peek into the work world of data professionals.

You'll get an introduction into how to use coding, statistics and business thinking for data projects. You’ll see a demonstration of data science's three essential languages (SQL, Python, and R). As you explore the types of business thinking that data professionals use, Tomi will show you the statistical tools and methods data scientists and analysts use in their jobs, and you'll learn about the pathways you can take to become a data scientist.

  • Understand what data scientists and analysts do, how they work, and how they think
  • Learn about the three data languages every data scientist and analyst must know
  • Improve your ability to effectively communicate with data professionals
  • Pick up tips on how you can get hands-on data science experience
  • Discover how you can become a data analyst or data scientist
Tomi Mester is a data analyst and researcher for iZettle, a financial technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden. An evangelist for the burgeoning field of data science and analytics, Tomi runs data36.com, a blog containing posts and tutorials about data science, AB-testing, online research, and data coding.