Chapter 3

Dealing with Difficult Challenges


Bullet Handling data in motion

Bullet Driving productivity through data consistency

Bullet Ensuring explainability in artificial intelligence

Bullet Elaborating on the difference between software development and machine learning

Bullet Dealing with the rapid technology evolution

This chapter addresses a number of complex challenges that are difficult to avoid and that will require the right set of tactics to manage successfully. More specifically, I'll show you what you need to do to make the right decisions when it comes to acquiring and managing your data efficiently and consistently, setting up your data science environment, managing the legal constraints related to the data and algorithms you need for your business, as well as preparing for rapid evolutions in the area of data science as a whole that is sure to come.

Getting Data from There to Here

When a company decides to embark on a journey to become data driven, the focus is naturally on the data ...

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